Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Inspiring napkins, plates etc

Meghan M BlumA typography plate that adds a graphic accent to any table setting.
Giannini In Plain English Plate Design

Ginannini In Plain English Coffee Cup Design

Ginannini In Plain English Napkin Design

In Plain English Giannini

The In Plain English range is designed for the verbally ‘uninspired’. It consists of a dinner plate, coffee cup and napkin: the dinner platehas twomessages onto which you can lay your cutlery when finished eating, the coffee cup features a pointer, which can be rotated towards a choice of messages on the saucer, whilst the napkin has two sides of images to choose from when placed on your lap. From life-changing statements to light hearted jokes, In Plain English allows the user to express a series of secret, possibly embarrassing thoughts to their partner by subtle movements of table top objects.

The proposal was part of a group project for Giannini, Italy’s second largest manufacturer of coffee cups. It is a bit of a self-reference as it toys with the idea of objects acting as vehicles for communication and expression.

May Luk alpha plate

Menu ideas


Having spoke to my tutor we decide that this was just information and not typographical. So i dedided to look into phases that might be said in restaurant.

Can i take your coat?
Menu Sir?
What can i get you to drink?
Finished with that Madam?
Ready for a desert?

Different Covers

I have decided that i prefer the more simpler menu cover but i might use the repeat pattern on the walls of my restaurant or even maybe as a carpet design.

I prefer this idea from my first approach to my menu, but i still think its missing something. I now am going to introduce some colour and i might look at some more classical serif typeface.

Research into food for my menu

Chosen food for my menu

Inspiring menu- covers, layouts, images

Whilst researching into menu, i came across a wide variety of typography styling. Some that used more than 4 typefaces and pt sizes, breaking the typography rules. Some that used basic outline drawings, some photography and some vectors. I will consider this when designing my menu.

I really find the 3 above powerful and eye-catching, they have broke the typography rules, by using more than 4 typefaces and pt sizes but it works really well.