Thursday, 7 April 2011


I was originally was torn between Mutton Quad and Not Just Fleurons briefs but after researching into typographical meaning and coming across the phase widows and orphans. I knew that it would make a perfect restaurant name.

I thought I would have found this brief simpler to the YO Sushi branding but it was quite different. As i had to do alot of research into themed restaurants, inspiring typography and i had to also look into the whole background of my name and style. I found I was able to do more sketching first, rather than straight drawing on a mac in this brief also.

Having developed and finished my logo for my restaurant, I then researched menu layouts and typographic stylings. I found this helpful, as the past menu  I designed wasn't to any grid systems because of the pyramid shape. I also decided to do a history booklet for customers to read. Basically explaining the theory behind the name, the restaurant aims and feel that the owners want to betray across the there customers.
After this I found it quite easy I was just applying my logo to plates, cutlery, napkins, uniforms etc.

Overall I am very pleased with all my outcomes for the Mutton Quad brief. The logo is clean but sophisticated and this flows throughout my menu, history booklet to my napkin. I think the use of a light sans serif typeface in my logo mixed with a classic serif typeface, baskerville, brings out the classy look i was aiming for. I wasn't sure at first with the typeface choose, as I haven't mixed two typefaces that far apart in style before.

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